Yidenguk 9-piece Garden Tool Set


Yidenguk 9-piece Garden Tool Set Includes: Transplanter, Cultivator, Trowel, Weeder, Weeding Fork, Shears, Gloves, Plant Rope, Storage Bag. Made from aluminium alloy combined with rubberized grips, the garden tool set is pragmatic for a variety of garden jobs and is easy to clean. All in one gardening kit transplanting trowel – the 1-inch and 1-cm marks ensure that you put seeds, bulbs and small plants exactly at the right depth, perfect for delicate transplanting work. Hand rake / cultivator – loosen the ground, root weeds and give your planting beds a tidy raked look. Hand Trowel — Suitable for all small digging jobs when planting, harvesting plants, working soil and more. Weeding Fork – Suitable for moving, cleaning and levelling the soil, as well as moving mulch and debris. Weeder– Use to dig around stubborn weeds and loosen the ground, causing minimal impact on mulch. Pruning Shears – 3/4-inch diameter branch cutter, helps to cut garden stems and light branches.

Gloves– Protects your hands from dirt, cuts and scratches, but also provides excellent grip. Plant rope– a length of 98 feet (30 meters) on 1 spool, can be used as a garden tie, to attach plants, screws, shrubs and flowers on trellis, stakes or other supports. Built-in cutter in the spool, you can freely cut the ties according to the length. Carry tote with multiple pockets is made of solid 600d, great for holding different kinds of hand tools, elastic bands to hold tools are very useful. Specifications: Trowel: 29.5 x 5.5 cm, 138 g Rake:

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