XULONG Electric Scooter Adult


The front and rear pneumatic tires are equipped with shock absorption for smoother ride. Front wheel handbrake, rear wheel disc brake. Multiple speeds can be controlled to avoid unexpected situations.

Cruise Control Function: When the electric scooter rides for a period of time, it will automatically ride at the current speed. It is no longer necessary to press and hold the valve to accelerate, thereby having the function of saving electricity.
Driving speed: 25km/ H. Due to national safety regulations, the setting speed is 25km/ H. The speed limit can be released via the setting on the dial with a max speed of 50km/H. For riding safety, it is recommended not to set to the highest speed.
Suitable for men/women Working commute and downtown travel. The best birthday Christmas gifts.
The weight of the scooter increases as the battery capacity increases. The weight range of the scooter is as follows: 40 km – 22 kg; 50 km – 24 kg; 60 km – 26 kg; 80 km – 29 kg; 100 km – 32 kg.
Wheel size: 10(inch).
weight of frame : 18(kg).weight of seat : 3(kg)..
Max load: 200(kg).
Engine power: 1000(W).
Motor voltage: 48(V).
Battery capacity: 8AH,10AH,12AH,18AH,23AH.
Charging time: 4-5 hours.
Travel distance: 40, 50, 60, 80,100(km).
Max speed: 25- 50(km/h).
Climbing ability (inclination angle): 30°.
Product Size: 113*20*125(cm).
Folding size: 110*20*40(cm).
Package size: 113*27*46(cm).
Material: aluminum alloy + PVC.
The XULONG electric scooter includes seats and electric scooters.
Note that this is a theoretical value, the actual driving distance and changes in road surface, load, climbing and other factors.

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