Wood Graining Tools


Wood Grain Roller

You can give an artistic touch to your furniture by using various wood graining tools to produce the affect of various wood pores. Restore your old doors and furinture by soaking some pores in, to enhance that warm wood feel and a fresh new look. There are many wood graining tools to choose from to give that special affect.

The wood grain roller is one of the most commonly used for walls and other flat surfaces. It is very easy to use and the rollers more often can be replaced by other forms which can allow you to have various wood patterns. This advance metal wood graining roller is one of the best tools to mimic the affect of Oak, Birch and Mahogany. The metal discs will move indipendently once you start rolling and it produces fine spores to the surfaces.

Other Graining Tools

Wood Graining Rocket is the most commonly used tool to give that sweep through the surface to create the knot of the wood.

This wood graining rubber tool comes with 2 different rubber brushes to give you a different variety of wood shapes. Rock it slightly in the paint or simply rub off some of the wet paint that was applied on the surfice.

Buy this set of 2 Wood Graining Rubber Rockers for £10.99!

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