Urbetter- KUGOO Folding Electric Scooter


Urbetter- KUGOO Folding Electric Scooter, 350W High Power Foldable Scooter.

Security System:

The electric scooter adopts the latest electronic brake technology, which ensures the safety of the brakes even at high speeds and effectively prevents traffic accidents

Advantages Over the Competition:

High-quality LED lighting for integrated safety

Seismic Resistance:

Built-in front shock absorber rear spring shock double damping system

Intelligent Control System:

Multi-function color night vision instrument, speed, mileage, time, electricity volume, gear, voltage, etc. are reflected in real time

Constant speed Cruise:

Press and hold the accelerator for 6 seconds to turn on, the vehicle will turn on the smart riding mode at the set speed, reduce the tension and fatigue of the driver’s finger control, and save the power at a constant speed

Safety Precautions:

1. Please wear all appropriate safety and protective gear as previously mentioned in the User Manual before operating the scooter

2. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and flat closed toe shoes when operating your scooter

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