Tropical Forest Clear Organic Honey Tub, 3.18 Kg


Tropical Forest organic honey is a fair trade product from village beekeepers and gathered from wild bees deep in the incredibly diverse, highland rainforests of SW Ethiopia. Wild swarms occupy the hives and start filling them with honeycombs. After a couple of years the beekeepers return, climb the trees and crop the honey, leaving some for the bees. It is runny but sometimes has crystallised bits, which are delicious.

This honey has a distinctive, rich and woody flavour. It has no sugar feeding, antibiotics or varroacides and GMO`s. This product is clear, raw, organic, Unpasteurised, unprocessed honey. It will have a different taste, consistency and aroma to processed sweetened honey that contains artifical flavourings and preservatives. We suggest you purchased one single 340g jar of this honey before committing to a bulk purchase of this large catering size tub. Please also note this product comes in CLEAR and SET forms, both products have totally different consisencies.

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