Travelling and Exploring Peru: Lima

street art in barranco

I’ve had the pleasure to spend 6 weeks in Peru and it was one of the best adventures of my life. I’ve always been very fascinated about the mysteries that Peru beholds, and always wanted to explore Machu Picchu, Cusco and the Nazca lines! My partner and I, flew from Santiago to Lima on Christmas day 2017. We arrived very early in the morning, to a very busy airport, the air was sticky and humid. When morning came, I noticed that although warm, the sky was very grey, and felt slightly depressing I would say. We were told that although very little rain falls annually in Lima the sky is always grey. It felt that at some point it was about to rain. I was a bit in disbelief to say the least, I come from the Mediterranean, so I am spoiled with long summers and many days blue clear skies. After a bit of research I found out that the Humboldt cold current that comes from the south Pacific, has a major affect on Lima’s weather conditions.ย 

Miraflores – Lima Peru!

Grey weather did not stop us from exploring around Miraflores, in which we stayed for a week in Lima. I was impressed on how clean Miraflores was, but no wonder since, Miraflores is definately the richest part of Lima. One can find many bars, clubs, backpacker hostels, good hotels and restaurants around. It’s nice to venture around the massive man made park of Miraflores that sits on the ridge that leads to the massive Costa Verde beach, which draws many surfers to it. You will encounter some brave para-gliders that test their nerves by gliding of the cliffs. There’s a service that offers training and guidance which is suitable for beginners if one wants to give it a go. I was also very impressed with the amount of casinos that you could find in Miraflores district, it felt like there was one in every corner! Back to important matters, it’s time to talk about food! We wanted to try some Peruvian dishes, and there was plenty of restaurants to choose from. We noticed that guinea pigs where the highlight of the menu – Fried Coy (guinea pig) to be exact. My partner ordered the fried coy while I decided to go for the Parihuela. Don’t expect to get bits and pieces of a guinea pig, you will get served the whole thing. I had a taste of the coy, and it was delicious, I would say it reminded me a bit of rabbit meat. Parihuela is a traditional Peruvian fish soup, a bit on the spicy side, but rich with various flavours, including; lemon, coriander, Peruvia aji amarillo and fresh seafood. I was given a whole crab, shrimps and many bits and pieces of white fish. It was simply delicious, I fell in love with the first taste and I wanted to know and taste more. Peruvian cuisine is simply diverse, rich, fresh and could compete with any other cuisine in the World. I was ready to put a few kilos on before I venture myself around Peru. Lima is a great place for food lovers! They have some of the best and most renowned restaurants in the World. But you don’t have to go to a Michelin restaurant to eat good in Lima. Every single dish I’ve tried was delicious, some better than others, but overall very good quality food. If you are going to Lima, I suggest you try the: Coy, Aji de Gallina, Causa, Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Rocotto Relleno and the Arroz con Pato (Rice and Duck).

Some Photos of Miraflores Lima Peru:

Here’s a few photos of the dishes we tasted in Lima:

Historical Centre of Lima!

Lima is the 3rd biggest city in South America, behind Mexico City and Sao Paulo, with a thriving population of about 10 million which mostly live in urban areas. We spent a whole week in Lima, and yet we didn’t manage to explore it properly. We managed to go to the historical centre of Lima, and we bumped into a protest, quite peaceful at the time we were there. I later learned that people were outraged because of the pardon on health grounds given to Alberto Fujimori, who was convicted for crimes against human rights for the infamous Barrios Altos massacre.ย At first I was slightly intimidated by the business of this area, it was almost hard to walk by without bumping into someone, but at last we found a few tiny streets in the Spanish colonial alleys. There was music, good food and a great vibe. Venturing a bit further we found a small fiesta, where locals gathered together; danced, ate, laughed and shared each others company. It was very nice to see how that there is still a sense of community in such a busy city. There are many things to see in the historical centre of Lima, and although busy it’s definitely worth a visit!

Barranco – The Bohemian side of Lima!

After Miraflores, to the cultural historical centre, it’s time to explore the bohemian side of Lima – Barranco. As soon as we arrived in Barranco we immediately perceived a good vibe. It was astonishing to see how artistic this part of Lima was. Amazing murales scattered around, hawkers selling their goodies in the streets and the views. Yes, Barranco has it all in my opinion and it’s surely worth to go for at least a day trip. There are many cool pubs, bars and museums to visit. The beach beneath the ravine, is regarded as one of he best surfers destination within the surfing community. If you’ll go to Barranco, you will surely come across the famous Peruvian singer and composer, Marรญa Isabel Granda Larco more known as Chabuca Granda. I am closing down on my trip in Barranco, a very charismatic part of Lima. Next stop is further south in Paracas!

At a Glance Barranco Lima Peru: