SISHUINIANHUA 600W/1000W Solar Power Generator


600W Portable Solar Generator
1.Model: G300
2.Battery capacity: 3.7V 80000mAh (296Wh)
3.Inverter rate output power: 300W
4.Inverter p eak output power: 600W
5.Max output: Rate AC output DC output=350W
6.DC output: 12V 10A
7.AC output: 220V 50Hz
8.Solar charge: 18V/3A
9.Output waveform: pure sine wave
10.Power failure response time: ≤5 ms
11.Lithium battery: cycle life more than 500 times
12.Weight: 4.0kg
13.Size: 250*159*158mm
14.Color: Black / Silver
15.Charging time: about 15 hours
16.Working temperature: -20℃~60℃

1000W Portable Solar Generator
1.Model: G500
2.Battery capacity:3.7V 120000mAh(444WH)
3.Output power: 500W
4.P eak Output Power: 1000W
5.DC output: 12V 10A
6.AC output: 220V 50Hz
7.Solar charge: 18V/3A
8.Output waveform: pure sine wave
9.Power failure response time: ≤5 ms
10.Lithium battery: cycle life more than 500 times
11.Weight: 4.8kg
12.Size: 250*159*158mm
13.Color: Black / Silver
14.Charging time: about 15 hours
15.Working temperature: -20℃~60℃

Package include
1x Portable Solar Generator
1x Power line
1x Specification



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