You can grow your own crops, flowers or plant your own trees by simply planting seeds. It is sometimes harder to grow your own crops from scratch but it is also more rewarding. If you know the needs of the seeds you are planting, you will surely manage to grow what you sow! As everything in nature, love and passion makes everything possible. So start today and reap the rewards in the future!

Carolina Reaper Seeds - Hottest Chili in the World

Carolina Reaper is indeed the Super Hottest Pepper in the World, and has been holding that title since 2013.

Ghost Pepper - Bhut Jolokia Seeds

Ghost Pepper also known as Bhut Jolokia which originate from North India keeps a steady high scale on the scoville scale meter.

Orchid Seeds

Orchids also known as Orchidaceae is a widespread species that varies a lot from one another, but can also be…

Psychedelic Salad Seeds Kit

Grow your own Lemon Cucumber, Red Dazzle Lettuce, Purple Spring Onions, Golden Beetroot & Rainbow Radishes. 

Rare Plumeria Seeds

Plumeria plants produce very beautiful colours that varies a lot from one to another. Plumeria is native to Mexico, Central…


Saffron comes from a very beautiful lilac flower called Saffron crocus, that produces strings of this amazing herb. It is…

Scott & Co Seed Box

Scott & Co’s New Seed Box includes 30 different seeds, perfect for your home garden. This box contains vegetable, fruit,…
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