Scott & Co Seed Box


Scott & Co’s New Seed Box includes 30 different seeds, perfect for your home garden. This box contains vegetable, fruit, salad and chilli seeds. More specifically: Purple Haze Carrots, Atena Polka Yellow Courgettes, Rudolph Broccoli, Red Brussel Sprouts, Multi coloured Swiss Chard And Tigerella Tomatoes. Your Collection Of Tomato Fruits Seeds Include Tomato Fruit Seeds Banana Legs, Tomato Fruit Seeds Black Krim, Tomato Fruit Seeds Ponderosa Pink, Tomato Green Zebra, Tomato Fruit Seeds Chocolate Stripe And Tomato Fruit Seeds Azoychka, Crystal lemon cucumber, Lollo Rossa Lettuce, Blood Red Spring Onion, Golden Beetroot, Rainbow Radish And Veined Sorrel. Your Collection Of Herb Seeds Include Parsley, Chive, Dill, Basil, Corriander And Rocket, Chilli Cayenne, Chilli Jalepeno, Chilli Serrano, Sweet Pepper Californian Wonder, Sweet Pepper D’asti Giallo And Chilli Habenero.

This is a perfect gift to anyone with some green fingers!


  1. i won a new seed box C2YDE2 on 2nd april any idea when it will be delivered anthony langford 320 highbury grove cosham portsmouth po62rx 02392640465 thank you

  2. Please check via tracking code if you have one. You should get a better idea on the delivery date.

  3. I keep trying to buy the seed box but when I request it the seed bag comes up. Please advise

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