Reusable Transparent Face Mask

feelcrag reusable face mask
  • 【Fast delivery】:In stock! Fast shipping! ! Purchase more than 2 and automatically upgrade fast logistics, Usually arrives within 7-14 business days.
  • 【Unique Design】:The transparent section makes the wearer’s face visible, protect your makeup.The size is more suitable for the face shape, provide you with comprehensive protection, and the ventilation design is added to make breathing more comfortable.
  • 【Safe and Comfortable】: This mas𝐤 has 99% standard air filtering abilities thanks to the carbon filters fitted into the chin and a self-purifying feature.
  • 【Protection】:Make sure that you are safe from droplets, liquids, dust, and saliva with the plastic mouth_shield. It can effectively block saliva and dust and prevent saliva from splashing on other people or objects.
  • 【Application】:Is suitable for snowboard, mountaineering, motorcycle, cycling and other outdoor sports and many other occasions to prevent saliva splashing.

Reusable Transparent Face Mask




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