PowerOak Power Station 1500Watt

2 way charge Poweroak Generator

The EB150 has 1500 watt-hour power stored in the lithium battery pack. It has huge power for indoor use and outdoor use for of outdoor enthusiasts, traveler, adventurer, campers, RV enthusiasts, seaboards and ocean anglers. Besides its huge capacity, 1500Wh capacity to keep most of daily devices charged.

UK standard AC outlets ensures safe connection of your device, 100% compatible with all your appliances which draw under 1000W. LCD display shows the remaining power and battery status timely. Back-light enables easy reading under the sun and will not disturb you during sleeping.

Package List

1 Portable Power Storage (EB150)

1 AC Wall Charger

1 PV Solar Charging Cable(DC7909 to MC4)

1 User Manual

1 Certificate of Qualification

2 way charge Poweroak Generator


Highly Recommended


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