PCS Colloidal Silver Generator – Professional Series


Everything you need to make your very own supply of premium quality colloidal silver.

Makes fantastic quality colloidal silver to approximately 80% ionic and 20% nano-particle. Can also be used to make other colloids!

This kit includes:

PCS High-Stability Colloidal Silver Generator (with power light and strength indicator) – direct from the well-reputed name you can trust, Pro Colloidal Silver, pioneers in the CS industry.

2 x 6 inch strips of 99.99% pure silver wire rods (incredibly thick at 1.5mm / 14 gauge)

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) tester for testing PPM

15v DC Power Supply

Electrodes are specifically spaced to ensure smallest particle size.

Certificate Of Conformity for 99.99% purity

3 x Paper Filters

1 x Cleaning Pad

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