Are you ready to make your garden look more lively or your houses a little bit more greener? It is very rewarding to have a greener surrounding, and it is healthier for a peaceful mind to get a little bit more of what nature has got to offer! So get your green fingers rolling and find which plants are suitable for your environment .

Colourful Cherry Tomato Seeds Vegetable

SummerRio 100 pieces garden seeds  to grow your own colourful cherry tomatoes. This small miniature bonsai plants can grow very well in small pots on your balcony or in your garden. 

JOYXEON Potato Grow Bags 🥔

Plant and grow your own potatoes or any other root vegetable by using these potato planter bags. JOYXEON potato grow bags are made of aeration fabric with a window flap, Handles, label holder + 3 drainage holes for potato, tomatoes, carrots, onions, flowers or fruit. The bags are reusable, washable and easy to fold and store.

Lily Bulbs - Very Rare Flower

Lilies originates from Eastern Asia, mainly China and Japan and has been cultivated since 1,500 BC. These magnificent flowers, with…

Monkey Puzzle Tree Seeds

Monkey Puzzle Tree which native name is Araucaria araucana is native to Chile and Western Argentina. This tree has been…

Multi-colour Rose Seeds Flower

SummerRio Garden-100 piece per bag rose seeds. Grow your own fresh multicoloured roses this summer. Growing your own plants and flowers can be of great stimulation as well as a delightful hobby. 

Orchid Growing Kit

Each kit contains: a natural wooden cube + seeds + growing vase + growing media + instruction for use.