Organic Super Green Powder by BioKing Labs



At BioKing Labs they have created a 100% raw and organic greens powder, comprehensively packed with alkalizing whole foods, probiotics, added protein, vitamin d3 and antioxidants. Developed to energize, detoxify and increase body immunity, taking your overall health to new levels.

HOW TO USE Simply add 2 8g (Aprox 2 teaspoons) to 300ml of water (Half a pint) or for a even better taste get creative and add to your favorite juice, smoothie or protein shake. NOTE This greens powder is not artificially enhanced to make it super sweet like many other brands, they therefore suggest if you like it sweet try adding to your favorite juice.

INGREDIENTS Organic Pea Protein 30% Organic Goji Berry 5% Organic Flaxseed 15% Organic Blueberry 10% Organic Wheatgrass 10% Organic Maca 15% Organic Chlorella 2% Organic Spirulina 4% Organic Ashwagandha 4% Organic Tumeric 3% vit D3 1.5% probiotic 0.5%

TOTAL SIZE 250grams (aprox 30 servings)

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