Organic Hemp Oil Extract 10% 1000mg, Valley Health


High Strength Hemp Oil Extract. Resting In a clear and sweet solution made from Rapeseed, Coconut Oil, Lavender. Palm Kernels. Hemp Extract 1000mg . 10ml Bottle. Organic.

Suitable for: Vegans / Vegetarians

This product was designed especially for those that don’t like the dark hemp oils which can be messy and leave stains on fabrics. Each bottle includes a pipette for easy regulation. ingredients are sourced from ethical suppliers who only use Organically Grown Hemp that has Not been exposed to herbicides or pesticides.


Take 4/6 drops twice a day under the tongue or apply topically to the effected area.

Storage and directions

Keep out of the reach of children. Keep out of direct sunlight. Shake well before use. If cold run under a warm tap for 30 seconds.

This product is no longer available. Check the following Hemp oil:

Daily Rise Hemp Oil 4000mg 40% Extract!

  • ☘ Unlike other hemp oil sellers, who may just purchase hemp oil in batches and then bottle with their labels, we plant hemp by ourselves and control the process from our farm to shelf and uses quality raw materials only. And we do our own extracting to ensure the best purity.
  • ☘ We are committed to making every single product the best possible extraction of mother nature, and we do so by overseeing the entire production process. This starts by testing soils, testing the plants as they grow to ensure correct profile, testing the final product, and more testing in between.
  • ☘ With CO2 extraction. This means all the great hemp compounds are kept in our bottle. Research shows the main benefits of using hemp oil are: a sense of calm and focus; relief from everyday stresses; help in recovery from exercise-induced inflammation; and support for healthy sleep cycles.
  • ☘ The pursuit of excellence lies in the basis of our manufacturing! 0% CHANCE OF SIDE-EFFECTS! Happy & satisfied customers are our main aim. If we fall short of your expectations – simply contact us. We highly appreciate your special wishes & requests.

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