Organic Green Coffee Beans Nicaragua (Highland raw Coffee Beans 1000g)

Nicaragua-highland Coffee

Rohebohnen’s Organic Green Coffee Beans Nicaragua is a fresh product, ready to be roasted or enjoyed as fresh. The beans are produced in the Jinotega region in Nicaragua.

This coffee comes from the the highlands of the Jinotega region. It is grown in a traditional mixed culture (mixed crops) under the shades of trees, at a height of 1200 m, where it is hand-picked and processed carefully. It is an organic coffee of the highest quality (SHG, washed). It originates from the Arabica species Hybride Pacamara from controlled organic cultivation in accordance with EU Regulation (EG No. 834/2007).

Taste profile: harmonious, full-bodied with chocolaty richness and low acidity Recommendation for roasting: City Roast / Full City Roast. Store in a cool and dry place.

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