Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil – 3 litres

olivare-altomira-olive oil
  • TRADITIONAL CULTIVATED OLIVE GROVES. Our recovered olive groves, scattered in small plantations in the heart of the Sierra de Altomira, are naturally organically grown. A unique and endemic variety of the Alcarria region: the Verdeja or Castellana variety.
  • EARLY HARVEST. The oil is made with the olives fruit before it reaches the complete maturity, at this time, we obtain fresher and cleaner oils, its polyphenol levels are higher, which translates into better organoleptic attributes, as well as benefits for our health.
  • EXCELLENCE IN PRODUCTION. Our small, but modern mill, it allows us to control the extraction process at all times, always applying parameters above the standards defined for the extraction of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • A FRESH JUICE. The olive always harvested with care and no contact with the soil, it is milled on the same day of harvest, the fruit arrives at the oil mill intact, which allows extremely low acidity levels to 0.1%.
  • ITS FLAVOUR. Fresh on nose and clean in mouth , medium fruity with intense notes of tomato and hints of almond. Its bitterness and moderate pungency allow to highlight the original flavour of the dishes using it raw, and in the kitchen they do not alter the final result of the plate.
  • The olive is produced in Spain by Olivares Altomira

Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil - 3 litres


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