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Orchids also known as Orchidaceae is a widespread species that varies a lot from one another, but can also be recognised by certain similarities. Orchids can be grown and kept all over the World and have gained a lot of popularity in most Countries. We are not surprised, when one considers how beautiful the flowers they produce are and the amazing fragrance they release. As said there is plenty of different colours to choose from and there is also many different flowers that this plant family produces. Some of the most popular orchids are; Diamond Crown, Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song ‘Virgin’, Devil Orchids, Cattlianthe Chocolate Drop – Cattleya Pão de Açúcar, Slipper Orchids, Masdavelia Orchids, Moth Orchids also known as Phalaenopsis orchid, Vanda Orchids, Paphiopedilum orchid and Miltonia Orchids.

Orchids are commonly found in many houses an they need very little maintenance. There is four factors needed to have a healthy orchid plant indoors; Partial light (behind a window with no direct sunlight), Consistent moisture, warm temperature (similar to us around 22 Degrees Celsius) and fertiliser.

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