Orchid Growing Kit


A combination of naturalness, style and function finds its best expression in the ECO cube. These high-quality “grow your own” gift cubes are guaranteed to bring a little greenery and a lot of joy to your home. Peel the sealing sticker off the cube, add a bit of water and place in a bright spot. The ECO cube will come to life within a few days and small green seedlings will sprout out of the eco-cultivation kit. With good care, the seedlings will grow into bigger plants and can then be planted along with the wooden cube in a flowerpot or garden. Since our ecocubes are produced from 100% bio-degradable materials, They will slowly be composted And Supply the plant with valuable nutrients.

  • Each kit contains: a natural wooden cube + seeds + growing vase + growing media + instruction for use.
  • Cultivation & care: advanced
  • Characteristics: the orchid tree comes originally from southeast Asia. It was named Orchid tree because its flowers look very similar to Orchids.
  • The products are the epitome of a natural and sustainable gift item. Growing them brings great joy.
  • With „ready to grow“ concept: containers are filled with a special mix of nutritious growing media and the seeds are already incorporated. Just open, water, and after a few days you will see the first small plants germinating. Dirty hands are a thing of the past.
  • Recommendation: although the kit contains a small amount of fertilizer, it needs to be fertilized throughout cultivation depending on the crop. The product contains nutrients for a first week of growth, then start fertilizing with organic fertilizer.
  • Assortment 1 – cultivation & care: easy: basil, nasturtium, Chili, sunflower, Chili habanero, chocolate folower, lucky clover, love plant, Merry Christmas/ red, Merry Christmas/ green, Christmas tree, snowman, Chili Carolina reaper, Chili Willy, Chili Devil’s Tongue, Chili jalapeño, Chili Tabasco.


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