November Organic Olive Oil Extra Virgin Early Harvest


100% ORGANIC GREEK OLIVE OIL EXTRA VIRGIN: EU Certified, BPA Free, Non GMO, Cold extracted with no use of preservatives, chemicals or additives. Suitable for Vegetarians. Very rich in polyphenols, known for their beneficial health effects due to their powerful antioxidant effect.

EXCEPTIONAL TASTE & AROMA: The king of our collection is hand-picked between mid-October to the beginning of November when the olive fruit is still unripe and green, giving the olive oil this superior feel, taste and aroma. A very premium olive oil quality with an intense fruity, well-balanced with flavour making it ideal for your fresh dishes. Produced from Koroneiki olives cultivar in the Chania region of Crete – Greece. Chania Protected Geographical Indication: certifying that this product is exclusively produce in Chania region of Crete, Greece.

FRESH NEW HARVEST OLIVE JUICE: Hand-picked under a friendly harvesting process for the olives that is followed the same day by their pressing in certified organic olive mills, operating in accordance with EU rules. Our organic practices at all stages of the production, from cultivation and pressing to bottling and disposal, guarantees the excellent quality of November Organic PGI Chania.

FROM KORONEIKI OLIVE VARIETY: Koroneiki olive variety is known to produce the best quality olive oil. Its unique mature flavor and the high nutritional value make it ideal for a Mediterranean diet.

SPECIAL BOTTLING TO PRESERVE THE SUPERIOR QUALITY: The bottling of this premium olive oil is taking place in ideal conditions and with the highest criteria of quality and design. That is why we chose the unique “Miron Violet Glass” bottles which totally protect the olive oil from the exposure to sunlight and maintain its power, taste and ingredients for a long time.

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