Multi-colour Rose Seeds Flower


SummerRio Garden-100 piece per bag rose seeds. Grow your own fresh multicoloured roses this summer. Growing your own plants and flowers can be of great stimulation as well as a delightful hobby.

  • Cold-resistant, like cool, like sunshine.Well developed at 15-25 Degrees Celsius, night temperature 3-5 Degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid high temperature and stagnant water, cold and frost resistance.
  • If the temperature is above 30 Degrees Celsius continuously, the flower buds will disappear or the petals will not form.
  • When the temperature lasts 25 Degrees Celsius, only flowering.
  • The root system can tolerate low temperatures of -15 Degrees Celsius.But below -5 Degrees Celsius, the leaves turn yellow on the frozen edges.

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