Lily Bulbs – Very Rare Flower


Lilies originates from Eastern Asia, mainly China and Japan and has been cultivated since 1,500 BC. These magnificent flowers, with their beauty, have mesmerised people of different ethnicity for thousands of years. In Greek Mythology, Hera, Zeus wife, created these Lilies – “The Pure Flower” from her breast milk, whereas in the pagan times Lilies became a symbol of fertility! Christians usually celebrate with Lilies for the resurrection of Christ – Easter!

There’s several different species of Lilies and some of the most popular ones are the Trumpet African, Elodie, Brindisi, The Lily Peach Dwarf, Blackout Lilies, Lily Trumpets Pink Perfection, Golden Splendour, Canna Lily Bulbs, Zantedeschia Mix Calla Lily and many more

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