IX7 Bluewheel Electric Scooter


State-of-the-art technology and sustainable mobility combined in this product: With this electric scooter you are environmentally friendly and safe on the road! Rely on e-mobility and experience the incomparable driving pleasure!

Plus points:

– 3 gears (P1: 10 km/h, P2: 15 km/h, P3: 20 km/h) + freewheel mode (P0: without electrical assistance)
– Practical lightweight with only 9.2 kg
– Foldable mechanism with clever safety catch
– Pleasant ride due to the front suspension
– LCD display for battery & speed indicator
– Sustainable mobility
– Front light and rear red brake light
– Loadable up to 110 kg
– Up to 13 km range
– 250W motor with a speed of up to 20 km/h
– 6 inch wheels
– Non-slip standing surface
– Stand
– Up to 15% inclination possible
– Dimensions: 1120*480*920 mm
– Dimensions folded up: 920*480*420 mm
– Available in three ultimate colours: blue, red, purple

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