Herbal Labs Pure Organic Hemp Oil Drops Full Spectrum Raw Paste Hemp Extract 30% 3000mg


Herbal Labs Full Spectrum Hemp Extract are made from the full hemp plant including the leaves, stalks and flowers in order to attain all the nutrients of this medicinal plant. Great for pain, anxiety & stress relief. Our extract is blended with organic cold-pressed hemp oil for optimum absorption & bioavailability. Mixing the two ingredients, which are sourced from the same plant, creates the ideal synergistic formula.

Available In 3 Strengths:

10% 1000Mg Full Spectrum
20% 2000Mg Full Spectrum
30% 3000Mg Full Spectrum
Recommended Dosage:

Start with 1-3 Drops under the tongue twice a day and if required build up to 3 or 4 times a day or as required. Shake well before use and keep at room temperature and away from children.

For fast absorption, apply drops under the tongue and allow a few minutes before swallowing. We advise starting with a low dosage and building up to find the right balance for your need.

Note: – Each person has a different genetic and biochemical makeup. This means people will respond to different doses of Hemp Oil, so you will have to test to see which doses are best for you or take it in physician observation.

This product in not available. Try out  Golden Oil Extracts 3000mg 30ml – 30% Hemp Oil!

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