Herb Seeds

Some herbs are very easy to grow and need very little maintenance if the environment condition is good. Apart from making our food tastier, some herbs have several health benefits. We have been using herbs for thousands of years, especially for medical purposes.

Health Benefits in Herbs

Sage is an essential herb that can improve memory of young and healthy adults, lowering cholesterol and blood glucose, and can also help with symptoms of Alzheimer disease. Rosemary can help with nasal congestion and various allergies. Peppermint can help with irritation bowel syndrome, bloating and may reduce nausea. Fenugreek improves blood sugar levels. Cilantro is rich in vitamin K, Vitamin A and C and also contains folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and beta carotene.
Apart from improving the taste of our dishes, these essential herbs can improve our health conditions! So get your green finders rolling and make the most of your garden area by planting some of these herbal seeds.

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Saffron comes from a very beautiful lilac flower called Saffron crocus, that produces strings of this amazing herb. It is…