Herb Seeds Starter Pack


This great herb kit shows you how to sow and grow: basil, coriander, chives & parsley with all the equipment needed to start growing the seeds, including: a mini propagator, bio-degradable pots, dibblet, mini compost disks & labels.

Equipment Description Quantity Use for
Labels Wooden Markers 50 remembering what you have planted & where!
Seed Tray Coir seed tray 1 adding compost & sowing seeds or storing small seedling pots
Dibblet FSC sustainable oak 1 making holes to pop seeds in or easing seedlings out for potting on
Compost 3L bag plus coir compost disks 6 starting seeds like basil just add water & watch them rise!
Mini Pots Mini coir pots 6 starting seedlings like parsley
Pots 8cm coir pots 3 starting your chives in
Pots 9cm rice husk pots 4 starting some coriander in
Pots 1 litre rice husk pot 2 growing parsley in a pot
Propagator 6 cell mini propagator 1 seeds that like a nice and warm start like basil (re-use before recycling)


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