Hemp Oils UK 40% 4000mg Hemp Extract – 10ml


Terpene Infused oils

The terpene infused oils contain a special blend of terpene isolates. There are around 40 terpene isolates and when certain terpenes are mixed together you can create blends called strains which mimic the smell and aroma of anything. All their terpenes are food grade terpenes which are distilled from plants.

Main Terpene Isolates

– Limonene
– Myrcene
– Alpha-Pinene
– Humulene
– Linalool
– Beta-Caryophyllene
– Tangerine Dream Flavour

The 40% 4000mg 10ML Tangerine Dream flavour oil are a blend of golden oil infused with specific terpenes. Our DAY Oil contains a main blend of Limonene and pinene. Limonene is the terpene that gives you energy and Pinene providing the Focus. The Tangerine Dream also contains a blend of other terpene isolates that give it its unique flavour.

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