Greek Organic Honey Forest & Thyme 800g glass jar


The Organic Honey “Forest and Thyme” is collected by the bees in early summertime, when thyme blossoms along with other wildflowers of the season. It is unique and not found anywhere else in the world, while its concentration of the enzyme “diastasi” places it as one of the best honey varieties worldwide. The mix gives-up an intense honey aroma, has a bright yellow-orange color with reddish tones and it is full bodied with a characteristic sugary flavor that lingers in the mouth.

This type of honey is soothing and helps in sleeping; it is rich in antioxidants, protects the human body from bad cholesterol and prevents heart diseases.Every spoonful is loaded in nutrients and ingredients of a complete diet. Delicious for breakfast, amazing on yogurt or as dessert, that will boost your energy and mood all day long.

Crystallization and quality: Crystallization is a natural phenomenon not related to the quality of the honey and does not cause any changes in its’ nutritional value. A crystallized honey is neither adulterated nor damaged. It can be liquidated easily if placed in a bain -mari with hot water 40 ° Celsius.

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