Ghost Pepper – Bhut Jolokia Seeds


Bhut Jolokia – Ghost Pepper


The Bhut Jolokia pepper also known as Ghost pepper, Naga Jolokia, Red Naga and U-morok originates from North of India and is a hybrid between Bonnet Pepper (Capsicum Chineses) and Naga Morich which is an exceptionally hot pepper that can be found in Northern India and Bangladesh. Bhut Jolokia has been measured up to 1,041,427 SHUs and keeps a steady rank on the top of the Scoville Heat Scale!

Bhut Jolokia pepper was also used as a defence tool when it was used in Pepper Sprays and non-lethal hand grenades. So watch out Chili lovers and make sure you can take the heat before indulging on the fiersom Chili!

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