GFM Organic Manuka NPA 10+ 230g


GFM is one of the only honey suppliers able to offer organic, unpasteurized Manuka npa (umf) 10+. It is prized among the rarest and most sought after honeys in the world due to its high potency, known to be beneficial for both internal and external healing.

Every drum sourced from new Zealand’s bee keepers is independently tested for its non peroxide activity potency and authenticity. The honey is packed in the UK using low temperatures and filtration to avoid any degradation in quality and potency; they combine the very best of beekeeping tradition and modern technology. GFM organic Manuka honey is certified npa 10+, rich and herbal in flavor, we recommend keeping a jar on the kitchen table as well as in the medicine cabinet! Honey is unsuitable for infants under 12 months old.

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