Full Spectrum Raw Hemp Capsules, 50mg per Capsule


At 50mg per capsule, they offer high-potency for increased vitality and therapeutic effectiveness. Made with only natural ingredients, the Hemp capsules absorb quickly into the body.

Sourced from the raw hemp material, each capsule is:
– 100% Organic Non-GMO
– 50mg of raw extract Full-spectrum hemp blend
– Non-psychoactive

A recommended nutritional supplement that may result in decreased:
– pain
– inflammation
– sleep-related issues
– anxiety
– stress

How to use
In terms of application, it is important to remember that everyone’s endocannabinoid makeup is unique, and therefore everyone will respond differently to a given Hemp portion. We recommend starting with one capsule per day (a single morning dose), and working your way up from there until positive effects are noticed.

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