Fresh Carnations and Freesias + Box of Chocolate


Send your loved ones a gift this Easter and make sure you let your loved one know they’re in your thoughts. Send some carnation and freesias flowers and get a extra box of chocolate, plus free delivery in the UK. Many have used this service to send flowers and have been very happy with the end result! You will send a mix of 10 Spray Carnations, 5 Guernsey Freesias, 5 Fancy Carnations in pastel pink, peach, white and creams with 2 Leather Leaf fern and greenery. Note that the box of chocolate may be different than the one in the picture. The recipient will also receive an e-book on how to make your flowers live longer. So don’t wait for the last minute to order this bouquet of flowers and make sure it arrives to it’s destination on time. There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers for this festive season.

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