Flower seeds

There is a vast variety of flowers that come in different colours and scents. They make our garden and house brighter and lively. Sometimes we forget that Mother Nature provides us with everything we need in our daily life. There is no need to buy expensive ornaments to decorate our living environment, as we can simply plant and harvest some beautiful flowers. You will surely find the flowers that suite you best from the vast variety available! There are several benefits to keep indoor flowers; they clean the air we breathe, release various natural fragrances, removes mold from the air, remove formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide.

Some of the most popular flowers are Roses, Daffodil, Carnation, Orchids, Iris, Jasmine, Magnolia, Sun Flower, Tulips, Lotus, Dahlia, Bleeding Hearts, Bird of Paradise and Hibiscus.

Multi-colour Rose Seeds Flower

SummerRio Garden-100 piece per bag rose seeds. Grow your own fresh multicoloured roses this summer. Growing your own plants and flowers can be of great stimulation as well as a delightful hobby. 

Orchid Growing Kit

Each kit contains: a natural wooden cube + seeds + growing vase + growing media + instruction for use.

Orchid Seeds

Orchids also known as Orchidaceae is a widespread species that varies a lot from one another, but can also be…

Rare Plumeria Seeds

Plumeria plants produce very beautiful colours that varies a lot from one to another. Plumeria is native to Mexico, Central…