Face Tonic with Organic Aloe Vera


The perfect facial cleanser – natural cosmetics for everyday care

Mother Nature Face Tonic with organic aloe vera, wheat germ oil, calendula, marigold and organic lavender is a vital component of a daily facial cleansing routine for a radiant complexion. It removes all traces of cosmetic products and residues from hard water, pampers the skin with an extra dose of care and prepares it perfectly for subsequent facial care with a serum, cream or gel. For fine pores and a velvety complexion, it leaves skin feeling fresh and thoroughly well cared-for.

– Daily cleansing care

– Vegan natural cosmetics

– Mild and gentle

Application: After cleansing with a facial gel, for example Mother Nature Cleanser, moisten a cotton pad with the face tonic and dab it onto the skin of the face, ears, neck and décolleté. Do not rinse off. Once absorbed, your facial skin is perfectly prepared for the application of your day or night cream.

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