Eckman Electric Telescopic Angled Branch Lopper Chainsaw

Eckman EKETCS01E Electric Telescopic Angled Branch Lopper Chain Saw

Lopping out of reach branches needn’t be a chore, problem, or safety issue with our new and improved mains-powered lightweight telescopic chainsaw from Eckman.

The handle adjusts and locks to reach even further than before, from an already impressive 1.8m to a massive 2.7m (5ft 10 ¾” – 8ft 10¼”) meaning most jobs can be tackled from the ground – without the use of a ladder.

Eckman branch lopper features a powerful 750 watt electric motor that accelerates the extra-long, high quality 10” ‘low kick-back’ Oregon chain up to an incredible 11 metres per second, allowing it to slice through branches up to 10” in diameter with ease.

Its specially angled Oregon bar means there’s now even more control over your cutting action.

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