CS-Gen Professional Colloidal Silver Generator


Any classical colloidal silver generator can produce ionic silver at the same time it is producing colloids but the key thing to produce smaller particles (ions) is low voltage and limited current to be used. The particle size depends on the intensity of the electrical current flowing through the water.

Тhe particle concentration depends on the time the current is flowing. Higher current tend to blast off larger particles from the silver. Low current tends to generate smaller particles, and therefore more ions. When preparing the solution give it a time to reach the concentration you are targeting. The Digital electronics in the CS-Gens’ have been designed to suit this particular need.

  • CS-Gen Colloidal Silver Generator
  • Pair of 4 inch 99.99% Silver Rods
  • USB power cable
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Amber Glass (100ml)
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Mist Nozzle Spray (60ml)
  • Graduated Pipette Dropper (6ml)
  • Portable Digital TDS Meter (0-9990 PPM)
  • Flask Erlenmeyer Borosilicate Glass (250ml) Production Vessel

CS-Gen Professional Colloidal Silver Generator


Highly Recommended


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