On this page you will find a little bit of everything that can be useful for your garden, your home, gifts, super foods or other natural health products.

Active Silver Colloidal Silver - 500ml 10ppm

A very effective antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal solution!

Active Silver, Colloidal Silver Magic Gel

Premium Colloidal Silver. Antiseptic Gel, Antibacterial Gel and Antifungal Gel.

argentum Plus - Colloidal Silver 25 ppm - 300 ml

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial ionized silver particles in steam-distilled water.

argentum plus - Silver-MSM Cream 30 ml

Gentle, chemical free, moisturizing skin care product made with MSM, the unique detoxifying skin nutrient!

Colloidal Silver 100 PPM

Contains 99.99% pure silver. Without further additives such as silver chloride, proteins or salts.

CS-Gen Professional Colloidal Silver Generator

Produce your own High Quality Colloidal Silver at the comfort of your Home, Office or Travels with this All-in-One Inclusive Kit - All you need to get started.