Colloidal Silver 100 PPM


Colloidal Silver The preparation is carried out by means of an electrolysis process. The ultrapure silver plates, which have a purity of at least 99.99%, are then suspended in distilled water. The plates are subsequently energized with special electronics, with the aim that the silver particles separate from the one electrode and distribute in the distilled water. Additives are not available.

The product is also characterized by its special bottle-type bottle, which protects against light radiation and manages without phthalates, thus ensuring the particular purity. Overall, the colloidal silver contains a concentration of 100 PPM (100 mg per liter).

This solution is 96% ionic and 4% colloidal. Properties of silver: Pure Silver 99.99% Without further additives – contains no silver chloride, no proteins and no salts Concentration of 100 PPM (100 mg per liter) Pure silver dispersions Optimum proportion of positively charged ions Manufactured with distilled ultrapure water (type 1 purified to 0.1-0.4 microsiemens and energized in 15 steps) Optimal particle distribution Bottled in phthalate-free, light-protected Braunglasflasche The colloidal silver is therefore suitable for the whole body of man and animal.

Use of the colloidal silver Because of its versatility, the product can be used differently. Clean your face or even bathe in it and enjoy the unfolding positive effects of the silver. The smaller the silver particles, the easier the body absorbs them. Silver dissolved in water (ionic) is smaller than colloidal silver, which is why it is clearly more effective.

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