Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree


7 years old Chinese elm tree in a glazed bonsai pot. This bonsai tree is approx. 32cm high and we deliver it with a glazed saucer plate. The Chinese elm (botanical Ulmus parvifolia, family elm trees – Ulmaceae) is originated in china and taiwan and is an easy to handle indoor or semi hard outdoor bonsai. It is suitable for beginner. In summer a bright location leads to strong growth. A cool, bright place during winter is fine for the Chinese elm. When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture.

  • Uncomplicated, fast-growing indoor bonsai for beginner.
  • Orders are shipped normally on the same but no later than next business day.
  • Direct import leads to low price for high quality.
  • The bonsai comes securely packaged in an insured parcel.

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