Carolina Reaper Seeds – Hottest Chili in the World


About Carolina Reaper


Carolina Reaper, also known as HP22B is a cross between Ghost Pepper and Red Habanero and was first cultivated in South Carolina! Carolina Reaper’s buds can be recognised by the deep red colour, scorpion tale bottom and harshly wrinkled.
The Guinness Book of Records officially declared that Carolina Reaper is indeed the Super Hottest Pepper in the World, and has been holding that title since 2013.

Carolina Reaper Pungency – Scoville Scale


Carolina Reaper is not a chili to mess with, as the fiery hot pungency can make any chili consumer used to Habanero blow fire from the mouth! This exceptionally hot pepper raised the bar on the shovel scale to 1,569,300 SHU (Shovel Heat Unit).



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