Bonsai Ligustrum 7 yrs old


Bonsai Ligustrum 7 yrs old – 1 tree. Chinese Ligustrum Bonsai is a strong almost evergreen tree, this Bonsai is 7 years old and is delivered in a 15 cm ceramic pot, this lovely specimen is easy to shape into a lovely tree. This tree makes a great gift. Supplied grown and trained in a glazed ceramic Bonsai planter. Supplied pot can vary in colour.

  • Very easy to grow
  • Can be grown Indoor and Outdoor
  • Ceramic Pot Included
  • Makes a nice Gift
  • Pot size 15 cm
  • Delivery height including pot 25 cm
  • Full Grown 10 Years
  • Full grown width 25 – 50 cm
  • Plant Location partial sunny location
  • Hardiness -5 Celsius

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