Bee Healthy Wildflower 100% Pure RAW Organic Honey


BEE HEALTHY 20 Health Benefits of Raw Honey 1. Anti-allergenic 2. Anti-bacterial 3. Anti-viral 4. Anti-fungal 5. 27 minerals 6. 22 amino acids 7. 5000 live enzymes 8. Improve digestion 9. Boosts immune system 10. Reduces risk of flu 11. Helps to heal cuts and wounds 12. Aids weight loss 13. Promotes healthy, glowing skin 14. May help heal/prevent ulcers 15. Raises levels of antioxidants in blood 16. Boosts energy 17. Supports good bacteria 18. Antiaging 19. Relives morning sickness 20. Soothes sore throat RAW UNFILTERED UNPASTEURISED

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